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Build Your Sustainable, Profitable Therapy Business with Deb Hopper

6 Week Business Bootcamp
  • Are you running your therapy or education business and feel like you’re winging it?
  • Do you feel like you are working too hard and not sure what is profit?
  • Considering branching out on your own and setting up your business with your brand and passion?

Fast track your business in 2021!

Module 1. Getting the Right Clients and 
Professional Presence

  • ​Be excited and clear about knowing WHO you CHOOSE and WANT TO work with. 
  • Who are the best clients for your Zone of Genius?
  • ​​Have easy and repeatable strategies for knowing how to get the word out for referrals.
  • ​Develop systems and strategies for clients to refer easily, while you focus on doing the therapy (or have a massage). 
  • ​How to fill your books to capacity and then manage wait lists.
  • ​​If your books are already full, let’s create the right mix of clients, optimise your area of passion and expertise to make client work easier from day to day.

Module 2. Client Management

  • Reduce diary and client overwhelm. Manage your calendar and workflow. 
  • ​Keep your caseload balanced timewise looking at client complexity, face to face vs non face to face and report timing. 
  • ​​Be proactive in managing your time and tasks.
  • ​​Wow your clients, parents and referrers with a system to recall for NDIS goal reviews and reports rather than the end of plan report rush!
  • ​​Be proactive with planning your weekly, monthly and yearly goals 
  • ​Create your best mindset, let’s think outside the box, and think strategy for ongoing, passive income to uplevel your income and time with clients and spread your influence and passion outside your current circle of influence.

Module 3. The Money Stuff... 
Run a Business not a Hobby

  • ​How to get paid quickly and on time.
  • ​​Let's strip away that money fear! You will learn manage your accounts like a pro!

  • ​The B word. Create a simple, useable and fearless budget. 
  • ​Expenses..... aghhh!  Knowing when you CAN buy that new therapy resource or colour printer. 
  • ​Yes you can plan and enjoy a holiday and not worry about the money!
  • ​The end of month accounts review. Let's put on our big girl/ boy boots and do this like and adult!

Module 4. Creating Systems for 
Success and Automation

  • ​All the things... getting your to do list out of your head and be productive.
  • ​Put your business on auto pilot. You don't have to do it all.
  • ​Social media scheduling tools - create a bigger impact in the world, while you sleep!
  • ​Keeping track of education, courses, supervision... a super easy strategy revealed.
  • ​Productivity, energy management and time blocking. Pick your go to solution to make life how it should be - enjoyable and stress free. 

Module 5. Creating Your Support Team

  • ​The solo therapist secret - yes, you can create a team right now AND boost your profits. I show you how. 
  • ​How to remove yourself from the stuff you hate (and sucks up your time).
  • ​How to get business and clinical support for yourself. You need a sounding board and cheer squad!
  • ​Insider Hack: A book keeper tells you how to up manage THEM!
  • ​Thinking outside the box: The OTHER support team to help you shine! (this is my fav!) All will be revealed... This is my favourite bit!
  • ​Be freed up to work in your zone of genius without all the other business tasks you hate to do!

Module 6. Creating Your Website

  • ​Branding your business and website
  • ​Build a great... not just good website
  • ​Get listed in Google's business listings
  • Do it yourself options. The pros and cons
  • ​Map out your first website


  • ​ BONUS 1: Foundations - starting out?  Part way there? This module makes sure your business has a solid foundation.
  • ​ BONUS 2: Using Todoist to Keep Track of Your To-Dos. In this module we step you through the Todoist app and how you can set up for time management success and not lose track of day to day and all those tasks that pop up.
  •  BONUS 3: ​Exclusive pop up bootcamp group to brainstorm with course participants 
  •  BONUS 4: ​3 x Q&A sessions with Deb Hopper over the 6 weeks
  • ​BONUS 5: NDIS Service Agreements - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy